Office Hours & Tax Due Dates

Need to visit the Tax Collector? Have a question about When your bill is due or Where to pay it in person?

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Tax Payment Options

Want to make a payment?  School or County & Township Tax  payments may be mailed or transacted by credit card.

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Certifications & Duplicates

Need a Tax Bill Certification or Duplicate? It's easy to fill out the form and determine the appropriate fees.

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Since 2018

It is my honor to serve you!

My goal is to raise the bar of community service provided by the tax collector. As I said throughout my campaign, as your elected official I am dedicated to listening to you. I promise to take your ideas on how to make it less burdensome to pay your taxes in Doylestown Township seriously and will strive to incorporate those ideas into all of my public activities.

As Doylestown Township tax collector, I have a fiduciary responsibility to my constituents. In order to fulfill this obligation, I pledge to attend Doylestown Township Supervisor meetings and report on issues that are likely to impact your tax rates through a column in the township newsletter.

I also pledge to  provide township residents personal service. As the duly elected representative of this office, I will personally do the job entrusted to me.

Samuel Kolodney, Doylestown Township Tax Collector

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Keep abreast of what's happening at the Tax Collector's office! I will be planning community events and will post updates to my office hours on my Facebook page.